The Cheshire Cat (Disney cartoon) - Alice in Wonderland

In Progress


A Cheshire Cat costume inspired by the disney cartoon film, buts it's going to have a gothic/burlesque kind of aesthetic. I'm super excited about this!!

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1st November 2019

Necklace update

Photo from my necklace maker! Can't wait to get the finished product ❤

19th October 2019


Ordered my fabric for the shorts today to go under the cage skirt!

18th October 2019


These are the shoes I will be wearing...

18th October 2019

Cage skirt

Ordered a cage skirt, once I have it will update with pics. The plan is to have a long fluffy tail wrapped around the cage skirt and I'll be wearing a printed fabric pai of hotpants underneath. I'm not sure on the top yet though. Leaning toward a corset style and will most likely have fluffy ears and cuffs.

18th October 2019

Necklace talks

I have a custom necklace being made in laser cut acrylic, cant wait to see the finished product

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