X-Wing Pilot (Custom pilot (Rogue/Wraith squadron)) - Star Wars

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Another Star Wars costume, and yet another costume involving a flight suit!

This'll be a custom pilot (it was going to be Wedge Antilles, but I'm way to tall and my hair is way too long for him!), probably from Wraith or Rogue squadron (From the X-Wing novels). In addition to all the regular parts, I'm also throwing in a Han Solo style belt and blaster, because every pilot needs to be able to kick butt even outside of the cockpit.

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17th October 2019

Got a helmet!

As I have basically zero skill when it comes to building helmets, I knew from the start this was going to be a purchased part of this costume. I've spent quite some time looking at kits (vac-formed, resin, fibreglass, etc.), and was about to dump some £200+ into it... then I saw that Hasbro were releasing a Black Series Luke Skywalker helmet, for ~£100! Got one, and it's awesome! Decals have been ordered, and I'm currently toying with different paint schemes for the re-paint it'll need.

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