Asirpa - Golden Kamuy

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Winter Cosplay!!

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31st October 2019

Big Dagger Knife Part!!

Still slow progress, but pretty much finished the last part of the big dagger, which is the knife part itself!! now just got to make the hole for it to go in to, in the sheath, and print it all!!

26th October 2019

Detailing on sheath

Added some detail on to the sheath yayyyyy

23rd October 2019

Asirpa weapon #2

Now I've done most of the 1st one, I'm moving on to the next!! This one is already proving sooooo much easier. Much simpler shape with very small amount of detail!!

20th October 2019


Woop woop. It's mostly done now (the designing side). People may think 3D printing cosplay parts is a 'cheat', but it's actually a LOOOOTTTT harder than making it with other materials. More labour intensive and much more work. So many time i've nearly given up and wanted to just make it out of foam!!

20th October 2019

Still slow progress

Ahhhh such slow work

17th October 2019

Slow progress

As this 3D modelling shiz is a whole new area of making to learn, it will be slow progress. But I will post updates so you can see my creation slowly come together XD At least I have all the main clothing parts done =)

17th October 2019

3D modelling progress

Getting there XD

16th October 2019


So I'm planning on 3D printing my weapons, which means I need to learn how to 3D model things... Dang it's hard!! You'd think it's an easier route, but it's really not. More time consuming, and a lot more work has to go in to it. I've managed a shape which kinda looks like a dagger sheath. Luckily, the character's weapons are meant to be hand carved anyway, so this gives me some allowance with imperfection!!

15th October 2019


Asirpa's choker is done =) Haven't tried it on with the cape yet, so a bit worried about being strangled, as the cape does tug back a bit... but hey, the things we do for cosplay!!

14th October 2019

Gloves/Hand guards

Asirpa's hand glove kinda things. I think these are adorable XD They came out alright x x

13th October 2019


Made a stamp and printed it onto the headband woop woop <3

12th October 2019


Cape is doooone XD Luckily it didn't need much shaping, as it's meant to be animal skin, so just had to put a couple of stitches in the shoulders to make it sit right =)

11th October 2019

Jacket bit!!

Added the jacket part with it's belt!! 3D printed stamps to paint the edges =) That was fun x x

10th October 2019

The beginnings of Asirpa

It's never shown what exactly Asirpa wears underneath the white kimono jacket, so I just made a simple kind of kimono-y wrap to keep things simple... no point adding more layers than necessary, considering I'll have a thick fur cape to keep me sweating!!

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