Pokemon Trainers

Cosplayer: BillieBlouse

Variant: Various NPC's

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

7th October 2019: Swimmer: Experimental Swimsuit Design #1 I need to actually sew this together and see if it works. I know the knickers will be fine, as I've worked from Kwiksew K3881 before several times, but I'm self-drafting the bralet using some cup inserts as a base, it proved more complicated to work out than expected, which is why I ended up wearing my Katz dancewear crop-top and shorts to Viencon because I'd rather wait until I'm less cog-foggy and more motivated to get it right. I had to alter the strap pattern because halter-necks put too much pressure on my spine and back and can sometimes cause quite painful subluxations due to my hypermobility. And, hard mode, it had to be front-fastening because I really can't do garments that fasten at the back anymore because of damage to my shoulder from repeated disloactions. Also, when making swimwear and dance bras over the last few years, I've encountered the eternal problem of: XS back/band not fitting well with XL front in commercial bikini patterns no matter how you try and Heath Robinson them together. So I'm hoping this works so I can make it in other colours (including orange, ohoho!). ... [Image: Royal blue cotton stretch fabric laid out on a beige carpet with a sewing pattern sitting on top of it and outlines drawing in yellow tailor's chalk.]

7th October 2019: Swimmer: Hair Bow I just YOLO'd the pattern freehand out of some leftover scrap fabric and interfacing and extra elastic from the Bug Catcher Hat. Ironed it all on, sewed it together, then painted the design on, easy-peasy. ... [Image: A white bunny-ears scrunchie sitting on a blue, paint-splattered towel, next to a paper towel with red, Tulip fabric paint and a paintbrush.]

7th October 2019: Bug Catcher: MCM Scotland Comic Con 2019 - Saturday Masquerade Links to photos and videos of our MCM Scotland Comic Con 2019 - Saturday Masquerade "500km" Pokemon Skit: * PhotoGoku - https://www.facebook.com/pg/photogoku/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2536457869710829

... [Image: Photo by Photogoku. Raine as Pokemon Breeder in red apron and red glasses and Billie as Bug Catcher wearing blue glasses on the MCM Main Stage performing their Pokemon "500km" Skit. Raine stands on the left, smiling, fist pumping and holding a yellow bucket with paper 5k and 10k eggs in it. Billie slouches, making a whiny tantrum face, on the right holding a blue walking stick and net in one hand and a Magikarp plush in the other, wrists curled in front of body, backs of hands almost touching.]

7th October 2019: Bug Catcher: Skit Props Raine and I decided to do our first Masquerade together since 2013, just for practice and for a bit of fun. We went full "Here's One I Made Earlier" Aesthetic for our props and mostly tried to use recycled materials. ... [Image: Shoeboxes painted to look like blue road signs and outlined in black Sharpie (several sharpies sat next to boxes); all sat on a blue, paint-spattered towel on a pine farmhouse kitchen table. Text Reading, from left to right - "Glasgow Central 2km", "Braehead Arena, 5km" and "Glasgow Airport, 10km". Which are the approximate distances from the SECC]

7th October 2019: Bug Catcher: Shoes Because I am smol and fit Children's shoes, I decided to be accurate and actually buy Startrite PE uniform plimsoles to paint because I am medically banned from wearing supermarket-chic fashion shoes and I figured they'd give me the best arch support. It took 2 layers of paint and because my hands are shaky, I had to use acetone and then shoe cleaning erasers to tidy up and remove the paint I manged to get onto the white rubber soles ... [Image: White and blue painted velcro-strap plimsoles surrounded by paint brushes in a khaki green brush roll and open fabric paint jars; sitting on a paint-splattered blue towel on a pine, farmhouse kitchen table, next to a blue chair.]

7th October 2019: Bug Catcher: Net I started off with a base kid's net cos it was like £3 instead of £30 for a proper butterfly net. Then I cut the net off, hacked some off-white-green-ish dress net out of the petticoat of a dress I was given for free for a different project, cut it into a connical shape and then hand-sewed it closed and over the hoop. I used the blue cotton ribbon I'd rejected from the hat and wrapped some extra tape around the top of the handle to make sure I wasn't going to be grabbing any random chrome-base-metal when I grabbed the handle. ... [Image: A telescoping children's fishing net with blue netting and handle; sat on grey geometric print bedding.]

7th October 2019: Bug Catcher: Hat I started out with an old straw hat I got for less than £5 on ebay, I was going to use one I already had, but the bow was so well glued on, I couldn't get it off (oh well, bonus hat for another project!). I was originally going to make the ribbon blue, but I changed my mind and ended up going Team Red instead. I glues then sewed the ribbon round the hat and also sewed a length of elastic to it to stop it from blowing off ... [Image: Natural straw hat with green leopard print bow next to blue cotton ribbon on a Bertie's Bows card reel, blue thread and velcro, a hexagon floral needle case and turquoise sewing scissors; all sat on grey geometric print bedding.]

7th October 2019: Motivation I need some comfy, low-effort Cosplays for "T-shirt Cosplay Days"; just a bit of fun with no stress or pressure to have great make-up, or even wear a wig in some cases. The chronic pain is too real sometimes and now that I realistically need to use a wheelchair for larger events like MCM's, I also need to be able to sit in it without trailing bits of Cosplay into the wheels at least one day of a Con. Plus I love Pokemon and it gives me an excuse to buy plushies as props. *shrugs*