Megara (Orignal Concept) - Hercules



Based on her orignal design. I'm remaking and redesigning her to my own orignal concept

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3rd November 2019

Wig done

Finally finished the wig for Megara this week. Just by adding some extra long wefts to the pony tail has really added the length and volume I was after. Just needs some final styling around the fringe, but shes good to go. Now just need to make sure I really secure this beast to my head. Manage to transform my orignal Megara wig into a pretty impressive beastfor under £11.00 by sewing in wefts from hair extensions. The whole remake of my Megara cosplay has come in at a massive £26.39.

27th October 2019

Dress done

Its really amazing how a few alterations can really transform a look of a dress. Looks nothing like the £13 dress I orignally purchase. I have reused my broaches and belt clasp from my first attempt at this costume that I made a few years ago. The purple belt and dress detail is made from a large scarf I purchased from a charity shop for £2. The plunge neckline is not quite as disney designed, but I think it suits Megara's personality more.

27th October 2019

Wig part 1

This week I have been working on Megara's wig. I brought some hair extentions that matched my originals wigs colour and sewned them into the fringe of the wig creating more volume on length. Needs some styling but already a vast improvement on my orignal wig. As her ponytail is a clip in extention my next job is too add volume and length using the same method.

13th October 2019


My inspiration for remaking Megara, was find this dress. I know it's not perfect . It needs the long cascading sleeves removing, the back altering slightly, and the purple details adding. But this dress was a steal at £13, there was no way I could make a dress from scratch for that small amount. Also I found a large dark purple scarf for £2 from a charity shop. Which will do nicely for making the belt and dress details. So the total spend so far £15. Thats such a bargin.

6th October 2019

Re design

I love Megara so much I'm redesigning her

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