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I'm obsessed with this trashy wizard, and this costume is going to be ridiculous

Amy-Lou posted on 2 November, 2019 - 12:35
Great take on TAZ, I love that lining fabric on the hat!

TheStarlightFairy posted on 13 December, 2019 - 19:54
Thank you so much <3 <3

31st October 2019

Mini cape

Following the afore mentioned kimono disaster, I used up some of the fabric from that to make a short 3/4 circle capelet for this instead and I'm so glad I did! I lined it with the pretty blue shimmery viscose I bought for the kimono, put silvery bias and beaded curtain trim around the bottom and sewed fancy buttons onto the front to hook a chain loop over to fasten it. The result is so cute c: At some point i'm going to unpick the front and put in some curtain weights to help it sit better and not move around so much but I'm really really happy with the result

13th October 2019


I'm so so happy with these shorts! They're wide legged shorts using the same pattern as my 13th doctor trousers, with pockets in the front and back <3 They're made from a really nice lightweight wool-mix fabric with subtle navy details on them, and the pockets are lined with awesome magic-themed cotton! I may gather and put bands at the bottom of the legs, but for now I'll see how leaving them wide looks for the first run!

6th October 2019

A snag

My original idea for this was to make a western-style 'kimono' jacket to go over the shirt and shorts, but I hate how it looks in practice! Sooo I'm going to change tack and make a mini cape instead with the same fabric <3

5th October 2019


I bought the prettiest fabric from work for the shirt: a sheer crinkle viscose with gold and silver threads running through it! I'll be wearing a lilac top underneath for dignity, but I've made an oversized 'medieval'-style shirt with massive sleeves that laces up the front with lilac cord.

3rd October 2019


Oh boy this is a FELLA It started out life as the biggest hat Primark had to offer... it was not enough! I built a 2ft tall crown with buckram and fossshape and steamed it into shape to get that nice crunkly look. I then used millinery stiffener on some felt, combined that with heavy duty interfacing and created a 2ft wide brim. I reinforced this with millinery wire as spokes and stitched some around the edge. I covered it in two different craft cottons, with hot-fix gems being added to the underside for sparkley goodness! The band is some pretty pink fabric I got on sale and the ugliest trim I had at work c: Next job is some grosgrain ribbon around the inside for neatness and grip, and to throw beads and other nonsense at it until I hate it

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