Ibuki Tsubasa (Shiny Trinity) - iDOLM@STER


I got into idolmaster quite late but I have been playing idolmaster million live theatre days since about 6months after it begun. This game really made me fall in love with idolmaster and the million live girls in particular. This outfit is so iconic for Theatre Days and Brand New Theatre is one of my favourite songs so I knew I wanted to bring this costume to life. Its one of the costumes I'm most proud of to date, I really pushed myself with the construction and love the fabrics in particular that I used and the focus on the details.

Originally debut at Amecon'18 and reworn a couple of times including Hyper Japan summer '19 where I managed to spill coffee down the front so I will be having to remake part of it soon as I still haven't got any decent photos of it in full!

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