Aria (Devilive) - Destiny Child

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Destiny Child is a game I absolutely love and Aria is one of my favourite characters from the game. I was drawn to it and her especially because of this outfit! I was so pumped when the jp server finally got to the 1 year anniversary so that this event would be in the game and I could finally have this outfit. Its so perfect! I've wanted to cosplay it for a long time but was really put off by how complex it is, but I've decided that its stupid to not even try, so here I am trying!

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31st July 2019


I've been having trouble finding the right kind of tartan for Aria so decided to look into getting it printed. I'm currently looking for a printer that isn't super expensive so if you know one please let me know! I did however finish the basic pattern, once I'm set on a printer I will change the colours to match their samples to make sure the colour comes out how I envisage it

31st July 2019

Petticoat fit for an idol

Today I made the light up petticoat of my dreams. It's something I've wanted to do for ages but again always assumed it was really hard. But today I did it. I'm so happy with it, I'll wear it for a lot of different costumes but the main one I was making it for was Aria, so that I can shine as brightly as she does! If you'd like to see a more in-depth look into how I made it there is a ig story highlight on my page @nachtangel on ig.

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