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In Progress


Having already made the original colour version of Shiny Trinity I had been toying with making another (there were 3 when I made it) and had started making a rough base for the ~dark~ version. They then bought out 3 more coloured versions, one for each team, and I was torn between continuing the dark one and stopping to make the bright yellow one! However, when they announced the Chinese and Korean servers for the game with yet another (yes thats 7 now) colour version I couldn't help myself. This version gives me AKB vibes and I happened to already have some red tartan as well as the beginnings of a navy top, so clearly it was meant to be!

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31st July 2019

Good start

So I've spent a couple hours on this so far, I have the skirt almost complete (i've learnt to leave waistbands until closer to when I'm going to wear them as I always make them too big or too small...) and I have started with the top! Hoping to get the top to a wearable level tomorrow so that I can start on the fun bit, the details!

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