Ibuki Tsubasa (2nd Anniversary - Lumiere Papillon ) - iDOLM@STER

In Progress


I've wanted to make the 1st Anniversary outfit since I saw it just over a year ago, however it feels so special that I've been holding off to get it right. SO when the 2nd Anniversary came around and I saw it was, in structure, quite similar to Shiny Trinity that I had already made I decided to add it to my to do list. When I found out there was also a wing variety I was sold and ordered sample fabrics almost immediately

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31st July 2019

The planning stage

I've finalised the fabrics I'm using for this costume, so excited to work with the sequin fabric again, it made such a difference to how my Shiny Trinity costume came out. I've also been doing a lot of research regarding the wings, which I am planning on making too, I made a size guide this evening and am pretty happy with that, now to just finalise what and how I'm making them. I'm working on my other colour version of Shiny Trinity at the moment but will be going full steam ahead with 2nd Anni once I'm back from my holiday next week. Hoping to debut this at Hibana con!

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