Zack Fair (1st Class) - Final Fantasy VII ; Crisis Core



At the moment i am just grabing things that will work for him. i am determined to completely make his outfit myself the only things i think i will have to buy for him is the boots and the belts. i'm already looking around for patterns to make his sweater. i'll also have ago at making the Buster Sword too with any luck :D

Member-XI posted on 15 June, 2009 - 17:36
I can probably help you with the sword. You know making it from insulation foam might be worth a look. You know the stuff I made my sitar from? As its thicker and lighter than wood would be, and if we seal it in vinyl ripple, its good to go. :3

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 15 June, 2009 - 20:22
coolness it would be great if you could help me :) i was trying to think of that stuff but i couldn't remember what it was you used because i did like how your Sitar was shaping up :)

Member-XI posted on 15 June, 2009 - 21:34
You can buy it at B&Q, its in the timber section, its about £25 for four big sheets. I estimate you'd need about one and a quarter for the blade length? Depends on how to scale you want it.

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 15 June, 2009 - 22:24
i do fancy having it as acurate as possible so i will need to measure myself :)

Sephirayne posted on 26 November, 2009 - 06:59
Coolies. can't wait to see

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 12 December, 2009 - 04:09
Thanks Sephi hopefully i can get him done for London Expo October 2010 if not i will cry i want to do him so much T_T

Zelda posted on 5 September, 2010 - 03:22
Awesome! Really can't wait to see this ^^.

Anggul posted on 5 September, 2010 - 18:05
For SOLDIER pauldrons, buy a couple of those £1 police helmets from a costume shop or wherever, and take a hacksaw to them, they're perfect. I hope all goes well =D

Make sweater
Make belts (shoulder and waist)
Buy wig, gloves and boots
Make trousers
Make armour and sword

Total cost: £0.00

12th December 2009

Getting the Material

Now i have the pattern to make his sweater and the sewing pattern to make his trousers all i need now is the wool and the material. After those are done i will then start to look at the stuff i need to make his armour. Thanks to Member-XI for showing me a tutorial she found on how to make the armour i can't wait to start making them. ^^

4th July 2009

Getting stuff now :D

Well now i have near enough finished my other cosplay i thought it would be good to start getting things sorted for Zack. i was looking all over for a pattern to make his sweater then i was able to find one YAY :D So the next step is to find the wool to make it and i have a rough idea where i can get it from ^^

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