Hela (Movie ) - Thor: Ragnarok



Fast review of Hela’s Cosplay by cosplay.bhiner.com/ . Because they deserve it! ♥

You can see all the costume is amazingly done. They choose a cotton fabric to give it the specific texture of the movie and also picked a very good vynil to contrast the base and make the lines of all the design. All the back is also detailed and accurated.

The cape is made with a very light fabric but is very big to have a good flight on the wind. It’s attached to the shoulders with velcro so is very easy to put on. The boots are also detailes with the same vynil to look as part of the whole costume. They are very confortable and the heel is not very high, that it’s nice to wear it all the day.

But the best part is the helmet, also very accurated and made by PVC. It’s very straight, be patient to wear it, but it worth A LOT. The horns are so light, the weigth is not a problem at all!

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