Rocket - Guardians of the Galaxy

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12th May 2019


Ready for the silicone mould, will be using expanding foam.

7th May 2019


My first ever attempt at a head sculpt, not a complete disaster! I tried to cheat and use a hairdressing mannequin as a base, which worked eventually but it was a nightmare trying to get the clay to adhere to the stupid thing. I would be halfway through sculpting and a random bit would just drop off.

8th April 2019

Sewing for dummies

Starting to work on the pattern now, its the first time I have ever used a sewing pattern before.... O.O It took me days to print all 50 pieces and put the whole thing together, and I'm taking my time with it to avoid any drastic mistakes. To top it all off, until I get a sewing machine, thing thing will be all by hand. Looking at some swatches for fur, unsure if I should get the brown based one, or one that has more grey. Hm.

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