Lila Rossi
Miraculous ladybug

Cosplayer: White Tigress

Variant: Volpina

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

7th November 2020: Experimented with wefts :) Base is Alex in Chestnut brown with Milkmaid blond and Platinum blond wefts.

This wig is going to be really heavy when im done with this. Just need to add more to the sides and carry on sharpie-ing the top ^^

21st March 2020: Progress ok its been a while since I made an update on this costume. For starters, it is still in progress and have been slowly adding to it over time :) I THINK I have all the supplies to get this done and she and Princess Tutu are on the top of the work list as I have a lot more free time thanks to current events. I pushed her back from Hibana due to personal reasons, and it was meant to be for MCM Birmingham this weekend. The gloves and bootcovers are patterned and needs restitching with matching thread. The wig is being redone completly as there were issues with the dyes and had made a big mess of it. The bodysuit is a dress with a white panel on the front. The belt and tail have been almost done for a while and I really like how the appique turned out :D

10th April 2019: Mask 1 I have no self control when I have Worbla and scissors in front of me XD Masks are so easy to make!!!!! The necklace has been ordered too.