Lila Rossi (Volpina) - Miraculous ladybug

In Progress

Hibanacon 2019


Just an idea on the table for now.

I overestimated the amount of fabric I needed for Dagger and I love foxes. My fiance and I wanted to do some villains together at some point. It was a tie between Volpina and Princess Fragrance for a while but this one seems far more cost effective.

I THINK I have most of what I need, mostly the white spandex, boots, necklace and the wig/dyes/sharpies/whatever I need to get.

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10th April 2019

Mask 1

I have no self control when I have Worbla and scissors in front of me XD Masks are so easy to make!!!!! The necklace has been ordered too.

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