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A little obsessed with the game, I've been inflicting it on anyone who dares admit they haven't had it spoiled for them yet. This eventually sparked a joyous squeal when a cosplay group was getting formed! Alas I don't think I'd quite suit any of the girls so relegated to being a fanboy from the sidelines I was. OR WAS I?

We all love the Game Grumps' playthrough of DDLC, it's easily the most entertaining (and I've watched a LOT) and one of the few where their faceless protagonist kind of came into a life of their own with the myriad jokes and ad-libs going on. Fanartists and animators have already dressed Arin up in the school uniform so the inspiration hit to run with that.

I haven't made a costume in like 8-9 years, I didn't even realise it'd been that long! It was great to break out the sewing machine again and I had a lot of fun with far too many props. I ended up making multiple pens for Monika, an evil-looking Portrait of Markov book for Yuri, Bottles with glowing 'happy thoughts' for Sayori and.. well I attempted some fake cupcakes but let's not go there.

I made speech boxes for everyone with multiple lines to swap in and out, though they're a bit small to really be readable on camera it turns out.

Jacket pattern is from Coscraft, the vest I kind of patterned based on a gilet I had handy.

The wig is from Coscraft, cut, styled and with the blonde weft sewn in by Lulu. The fake facial hair was my third abysmal attempt out of offcuts from the wig and latex

Amy-Lou posted on 15 March, 2019 - 14:06
This was hillarious, so good to see you cosplaying again :D

WingedWalrus posted on 15 March, 2019 - 18:29
Aw I'm so sad I didn't see this in person, this is hysterical XD

SamanthaKaiba posted on 20 March, 2019 - 19:59
Saw you and the group and it looks amazing...you all looked great

14th March 2019


One evening of painting with fabric medium, acrylics, cheap masking tape and cotton buds + acetone to help clean edges

6th March 2019


Final set of made props, some good old poems and a fake Parfait Girls cover for some manga, image is fanart found online, I should really look up credit for that

3rd March 2019


I came up with the idea of 3d printed speech boxes straight out of the game, one for each of us and they hold a few different quotes to swap around. Here I printed them on acetate but this means the text came out clear with black outline instead of white+black, and made them quite reflective so in the end I printed out each text line with background fully on plain paper Also my painted Just Monika dialog is complete!

3rd March 2019


Testing out how the vest looks along with Gauntlet as our Sayori - the fabric was found and dyed by HystericalDame, we just had to guess at a vest pattern and sew it up!

1st March 2019

Will you write the way into his heart?

Three quick modifications from different pens for Monika's title pose Surprisingly the design in the art is kinda complicated, and the closest design I can get to it is actually a mechanical pencil! Monika you fraud.

28th February 2019

3D Printin'

As well as the speech boxes I cooked up a Just Monika dialog button to print and paint

27th February 2019

Happy Thoughts

Made some standalone Happy Thoughts for Sayori, and a string of fairy lights out of the tiny bottles to go with as decoration

22nd February 2019

Some bits have arrived for props!

FriendArin loves his potatoes, and I've got one of a few of the pens I'm going to try and modify for Monika. Also how cute are these bottles?! They're perfect.

22nd February 2019

Blazer completeish

It looks like clothing! Haven't done buttons and I think some of the insides were still messy at this point but made good time getting this far

21st February 2019

Taking shape

Haven't done lining or sleeves yet but it's looking pretty good so far

18th February 2019

It begins

It's my birthday and I'm pinning fabric for the first time in 8-9 years, what the hell

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