Rebecca Chambers (Professor) - Resident Evil: Vendetta

In Progress


"We got the bad guys. Hope we made the world a little safer"

A simple and comfy costume for a friends birthday party with a "Horror-Apocalypse" theme. Plus I've missed Rebecca.

"Some time after the bioterror attacks of 2013, Rebecca had been researching in the cure of a new strain of virus developed by bioterrorist Glenn Arias, the research was conducted at the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology in Chicago. During the research, Maria Gomez attacked the facility, infecting all employees but Rebecca thanks to her prototype vaccine. Chris and his BSAA soldiers arrived just in time to save Rebecca from the infected."


~Please see my journals for more details on the construction of this costume as well as progress photos~

The lab coat was bought on Amazon.

I found the jeans in a charity shop.

The jumper is by Miss Selfridge which I found on Debenhams website.

Shoes are from Asda and have been modified.

Wig, shirt, tie, belt and coffee cup were bought on ebay.


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Lab coat
Coffee cup

Total cost: £76.22

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