Futaba Sakura (Winter clothes) - Persona 5

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Hibanacon 2019


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Sports bra
Base top
Top logo
Fabric paint and freezer paper
Fabric owned
Belt strap

Total cost: £0.00

17th October 2019

Belt strap

I had some eyelets, and PVC fabric left over from Fox last year which is perfect for her belt strap. Really simple and relaxing to make :)

15th October 2019

Shirt 2

I went back to it to add more details and to neaten the edges. Ordered some better shorts and got some boots.

5th July 2019



4th July 2019


Today I printed the asterisks on her shirt and transferred the design onto freezer paper and had a lot of fun painting it :) The headphones have been painted.

6th February 2019

Wig and make up test

Alex in Ginger :)

4th January 2019


I looked through my stash and found some white jersey and some black stretch fabric so thats the shorts and crop top settled. I just done a round on ebay and ordered some fabric paint, socks, headphones, glasses and freezer paper.

9th December 2018

Parka jacket get!

A size bigger for extra cushie cush ^^ I might end up wearing it as normal wear someday ^^

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