Futaba Sakura (Winter clothes) - Persona 5


Hibanacon 2019


After the stress of and not feeling like I suited Inari all that much and needing another Persona cosplay I felt Futaba's winter clothes would be a fun project. Mostly a buy and alter project as I just want to have something simple and comfy for once.

Wig was brought using my coscraft vouchers last year. Headphones and crop top were brought and altered. Shorts, socks, glasses, boots and coat were brought. Sports bra was already owned. Belt strap was left over PVC with eyelets installed.

Used freezer paper and fabric paint for the top. Took several going overs as the paint kept bleeding, but I am happy with the final result.

Really happy at how I look in this and I am just excited to have a comfy cosplay for once <3 Looking forward to wearing this to Hibanacon this year!

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Sports bra
Base top
Top logo
Fabric paint and freezer paper
Fabric owned
Belt strap

Total cost: £0.00

17th October 2019

Belt strap

I had some eyelets, and PVC fabric left over from Fox last year which is perfect for her belt strap. Really simple and relaxing to make :)

15th October 2019

Shirt 2

I went back to it to add more details and to neaten the edges. Ordered some better shorts and got some boots.

5th July 2019



4th July 2019


Today I printed the asterisks on her shirt and transferred the design onto freezer paper and had a lot of fun painting it :) The headphones have been painted.

6th February 2019

Wig and make up test

Alex in Ginger :)

4th January 2019


I looked through my stash and found some white jersey and some black stretch fabric so thats the shorts and crop top settled. I just done a round on ebay and ordered some fabric paint, socks, headphones, glasses and freezer paper.

9th December 2018

Parka jacket get!

A size bigger for extra cushie cush ^^ I might end up wearing it as normal wear someday ^^

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