Ana Amari (Cabana Ana) - Overwatch

In Progress


This is a personal project for me ^^

I love the skin and the challenges it presents and I really want to keep teaching myself new things ^^

There's no time limit with this piece, just going to take it nice and slow and see how it pans out. Maybe if it all works out I might enter it into a competition but that is a long way off in the future... ^^;

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3rd December 2018

Cutting Fabrics

So tonight I've started transferring the patterns over to the actual fabric I'm using! Starting with the top half as it needs the least amount of altering. Have already cut the pieces and added the extra strip of material down the front, complimenting it with a slightly darker bias binding tape :)

26th November 2018

Mock up completed!

So seeing as this is a personal project to strengthen my skills, I actually made a mock up! I never do this X3 But it has taught me lots of things, such as there's multiple way to do the elasticated bands on the legs and what part of my stitches I need to improve ^^ There's a few little tweaks I need to make (such as making it a whole size smaller!) Otherwise we're good to go on the actual fabric :D

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