League Of Legends

Cosplayer: L.C.Crafts

Variant: KDA

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

6th November 2018: Progress Updates - Mask Animations/Weightloss Goals This cosplay is going to be a slow burn and not something I can just whip up in a week.

Mask Animations:
Speaking with some friends who are quite savvy in ElSheets/ElInk and LED sheets. The goal is to have the mask animate, whether it be a cycling animation or something more technical, like a set amount of images that would change depending on my jaw position.
Its gonna be a lot of work but hopefully worth it.

Weight Loss Goals:
This is something I'm doing regardless and not because of cosplay - however, I'm a firm believer in goals and this cosplay is no doubt a huge weight loss goal for me. Therefore some progress like the pants won't be started on until certain goals are met