Cosplayer: L.C.Crafts

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

20th October 2016: Gloves The gloves are a combination of blue vinyl, foam and lycra.
The blue vinyl was wrapped around a foam cuff and glued. The detail was painted foam and glued onto the foam base.
The glove part was then made separately to allow easy removal and ability to use me phone/eat without removing everything

18th October 2016: Blaster Pt2 Blaster now painted and sealed. A ball with an LED goes in the end of the blaster

18th October 2016: Blaster Pt1 The blaster was a combination of cylindrical pipes and foam.
I printed off a 1:1 scale reference pic and used it to put the blaster together

19th June 2016: Coat The main coat is a grey polycotton with lots of details. All of the decorative details were appliqued onto the material and finished with faux fur trims.
The base pattern of the coat was a hoody that was modified with an asymmetric front and a hidden zip under the front flap

17th June 2016: Tank The tank is all foam. The centre is a foam core cylinder with two round bases at the end.
The tank is then wrapped with acetate and painted with acrylic paints. Straps were added to the round bases to attach to the back and velrco on the top allows for Snowball to sit.

13th June 2016: Snowball Snowball is a combination of Foam and worbla, with velcro on the bottom to mount onto the tank.
Painted with acrylic paints

10th June 2016: Wig wig base is a Hannah Attack on Titan with added wefts.
The bun is a polystyrene ball covered in wefts and attached to the wig via glue. The hair piece is a chopstick, various beads and foam all painted silver.