Breath of The Wild

Cosplayer: L.C.Crafts

Variant: Snowquill Armour

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

20th June 2018: Hair piece The metal feathers of the hair piece are made from eva foam and painted

19th June 2018: Belts and completion The belts and body straps were a combination of 3 different leatherettes and cotton materials.
The lighter triangles are stitched onto the leatherette and the trim is then attached on top

10th June 2018: Boots The boot base is a pair of fuggs from ebay that were painted and sprayed grey. The covers were pattern and cut from brown and black leatherette and attached to the boots. The fur trim is the same faux sheep wool as the rest of the costume.

10th June 2018: Pants, Sarong and Belt Buckle The pants were made with the same ponte roma cream as the tunic and the decorated with the same green and yellow felt.
The belt buckle is foam painted silver and sealed
The sarong is a maroon cotton with a beige felt decoration that was appliqued onto the fabric

8th June 2018: Pauldron Feathers 3 different coloured felts were sewn together into 2 sided individual feathers. These were then sandwiched with wire and glue together to create the feathered look. The wire allowed for the bent placement on the shoulders

7th June 2018: Gloves The gloves were made from a cream stretch fabric and a blue stretch for the right hand.
The armour was a combination of eva foam and leatherette with buckles and straps. The fur trims are the same faux sheep wool as the collar.

4th June 2018: Leatherette Armour A pattern was made and cut using tape. The pattern was then cut onto leatherette. Buckles were used to hold the shoulder straps together

1st June 2018: Tunic The tunic, which sits on top of the leatherette armour, is made from a cream ponte roma fabric with felt details.
The red detailing was heat transferred onto the cream whilst the yellow and green felt triangles were stitched on.
The maroon jumper was made from a jersey nit with a faux sheep whool collar and sits underneath the leatherette and tunic

1st June 2018: Wig Pt 2 Ribbon and felt was used for the braid details

1st June 2018: Wig pt 1 Wig is a Dave base in gold blonde with wefts for the sides and spikes