Paladin Danse (T-60 power armour) - Fallout 4

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This is my current project and another genderbent cosplay although the design really doesn't allow for much to change besides my feminine face and lack of facial hair!

Main reasons for this one, I have done a lot of sewing and felt I need to expand my skills. I really like the character which is an important factor for me, another chance to try different sfx make-up as there's sunburn, dirt and some different looking scars on his face which require a different method and materials from Geralt. Lastly it is just fun and friends have been a big part in encouraging this project.

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7th November 2018


While not a big part of the costume, my fabric for my BoS jumpsuit arrived last week and it's just what I need. This will cover all of the suit and the hood for my head. I just need to source webbing, tubing, plastic board for some of the metal pieces and actual metal hardware for some of the pieces. Foam is on the way so a music nerves and excitement to start on that. Lastly and perhaps the most ridiculous thing, eyebrows. I had pretty skinny brows so those got grown out a bit to shape as they need to be a bit more feminine and also look right for my face as I'm sticking with them now! The red hair is going as I haven't been my natural dark brown in a few years, so while not black like Danse, black dye looks so off anyway, it saves having a wig and more insulation attached to me.

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