Other Mother (RawBeautyKristi-inspired) - Coraline

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"Hush, and shush, for the beldam might be listening..."

Coraline is one of my favourite films and about a month ago I had a think about what I wanted to be for Halloween, of which Other Mother was one of them. This was so that I could also wear to MCM had I decided/was well enough to attend. Whilst out shopping around this time I came across this stu-nning black and white polka dot dress which I considered even wearing to my other half's friends wedding. I didn't in the end but I knew I could use it for Other Mother!

I researched some make-up tutorials like the aspiring beauty guru I am and came across Raw Beauty Kristi' YouTube channel where she did an excellent Other Mother make-up look. Seeing as I got my first ever lash eytensions for aforementioned wedding I don't really want to cover them up too much, so I am just going to have one button attached to my cheekbone with the yarn and "needle" as if I am in the process of getting them sewn on. I made the needle out of a disposable kids chopstick (any guesses for where I work!?) and painted it silver.

I will use my own hair and pin it into a bob style.

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