Char Aznable. (Char Aznable, Gundam 0079.) - Mobile Suit Gundam


MCM Manchester Comic Con 2019 Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2019

1st place at the Manchester Japan Day festival 2018.

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I have a big love for a influential Anime series called, GUNDAM, and one character in particular who is the series icon, that man of mystery being Char Aznable. And cosplaying Him is a pleasure for the conventions I visit.

Costume wise, its a two piece set, for the attire featuring leather white gloves and edited boots, and the iconic mask/helmet, made from a white molded resin which has its weaknesses as the horns get chipped from time to time. It hasn't seen much wear yet, but it's something I will be wearing for future cons.

But overall definitely the lighter attire of My cosplays, easy to wear, while the mask is visible for Me to see through.

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