Soldier 76. (Soldier 76 Default skin.) - Overwatch


Probably My most used and most worn costume to many conventions recent, and of the past few years, but it's been a tricky one to maintain lets just say in short, I'll explain.

This one has been with Me to conventions such as MAGC Manchester, Play Expo Manchester, MCM Manchester, Jcon Derby, and Doki Doki Manchester etc.

The original version fell apart due to a weak leather it was made from, along with the mask, which was a heavy plastic, drastically changed to the 'Version 2' as I call it, with actual real leather for the jacket, and a lighter eva foam mask.

LED fitting and replacement proved to be trouble as well, having to opt to removing the LED altogether for comfort purposes. Still, Version 2 of the costume is still holding up well, and proves to be positive with the craze surrounding Overwatch.

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