NPC: "Library Girl With Pigtail" (Balamb Gardens SeeD Cadet Uniform) - Final Fantasy VIII


[Temporary Icon: https://www.deviantart.com/sandrafantasy/art/Library-Girl-with-a-pigtail-357063770 Bust view of Library Girl with Pigtail, looking to the side wearing navy SeeD Cadet jacket with silver shoulder detailing and yellow Balamb Gardens bow. Black pigtail and blue eyes anime girl.]

* Balamb Gardens SeeD Cadet Uniform: (WIP)

- Costume:

Yellow bow-tie. White undershirt. Dark-navy, cropped, zip-front military cadet jacket with silver faux-leather bias binding trim, striped cuffs and collar, silver/grey shoulder panels with swirled-organic design and SeeD Logo shield patch on top of sleeve (right arm). Dark-navy, zip-front, box-pleated skirt with silver faux-leather bias trim. White gym knickers/safety pants/modesty shorts. Grey, knee-high socks. Black brogue, laced school uniform shoes.

* Library Girl With Pigtail:

- Wig: Natural-black braid with with white & burgundy hair elastics.
- Props: TBC

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21st November 2019

DEADLINE: Minamicon 2020

Of course I went down with the lurgy in the only 3 weeks I had free to work on cosplay before Hibanacon. Of course I did. Thank you compromised immune system... If I don't have this finished by March 2020, Angelphie officially has permission to publicly shame me for my many failures. I literally just need to sew the skirt and jacket together now. it's not hard, but apparently I hate sewing now. Brain, why?

8th October 2019

Pattern Cutting Progress: Patterning Magic

Met my goal for today, cut out all the pattern pieces for the jacket and lining. ... [Image: Navy cotton drill pattern pieces for a cropped military jacket laid out on a beige carpet.]

7th October 2019

Completed Bow: Smashing Pumpkins (& Costober Goals)

Hand-sewed the bow pieces together and then stitched on a brooch back pin. My fingers are a bit sore because a) I still have a lot of problems with fine dexterity and motor control, b) chronic joint pain that's worst in my weird banana-fingers; and c) I'm allergic to nickel, in a world where most hand sewing needles/dressmaking pins are still nickel-plated. Took me a couple of episodes of House after tea tonight to get done. ... [Image: Yellow cotton bow tie lying on a beige carpet.]

6th October 2019

Jacket Progress

Costober Progress Goal for Week 3-5: October 31st, this is going to take the most time and work and I will not be mad if I don't actually 100% finish it during Costober around other stuff I need to work on; I have several emergency back-up plans. Ideally, I want to be done by Hibanacon, but if it's not ready until Minamicon 2020, I'll count that as a win! ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. A doodled on mock jacket in white cotton, missing 1 sleeve.]

5th October 2019

Bias Binding Progress

Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Sunday 13th, I want to get the Binding on the skirt done and jacket cuffs and shoulder panels at least started. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Other Materials, from left to right - several types of glue (Bostik all-purpose, some Fabric Glue and Aleene's Leather Glue), glass headed pins and a bag of quilting clips above the WIP shoulder panels (silver HTV on grey cotton drill), many packets of silver faux leather bias binding and 4 SeeD Crest Patches.]

4th October 2019

Skirt Progress

Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Friday 11th, I want to get the skirt base cut and sewn so I can move onto the binding. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Materials for the jacket and skirt, from left to right - 2 navy/silver zips (short and long), folded navy fabric and Guterman navy/silver thread and glass head pins, pattern info printout and folded silver viscose lining fabric, wide, navy elastic.]

3rd October 2019

Pattern Drafting Progress

Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Tuesday 8th, I've done a mock and altered the commercial pattern to actually fit me, so now I just need to cut out the real thing. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Altered and doodled on paper Pattern.]

2nd October 2019

Bow Tie Progress

Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Monday 7th, all I need to do is hand sew it together and add a brooch back. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. The pieces of a bright yellow cotton bow surrounded by, clockwise from top to bottom left - plastic bags of silver brooch backs, blue/white snips, a floral and white, vintage, patchwork needle case, 2 spool of yellow Guterman cotton thread (1 nearly empty, one full), glass-headed pins.]

1st October 2019

Costober 2019

So, I worked on this really hard and consistently for about 3-4 months at the end of last year/start of this year, realised my time-frame was unrealistic as it was far more work than it looked like it was... and then I rage quit when I got to the "easy bit". So, after a break to stop hating it so much, I'm picking it up again as my main Costober 2019 Project - about a year on from when I decided to make it in the first place! ... My Goals for Week 1 are: 1. Find & sort out all the materials so I can order anything that's still missing with enough time for it to arrive for when I plan to work on each stage. 2. Update this Journal with a representation of Progress to date (I plan to make a full Progress Book once the project is completed, which I'll link somewhere on the journal or description). ... [Image: A chaotic pile of cosplay supplies, pattern pieces and a Jacket mock spilling out of a cardboard box on a beige carpet.]

4th October 2018


The SeeD Cadet Uniform has been on my Dream Cosplays list since before I knew what Cosplay even was. Sadly a full military style school uniform was beyond 10-year-old me's limited sewing skills for a Halloween costume, but 30-year-old me is fully planning on embracing that dream. I have this weird thing where my favourite character in a given media source or series always ends up being some sort of random NPC or a background character that's only in one scene of a film for 10 seconds. I don't do it on purpose, I just find the side quests and the easter eggs and the throwaway jokes far more hilarious and/or interesting than the main plotline most of the time. I'm gonna to own it - and at least for big groups I won't be fighting over who gets to be the main Player Characters because I will usually want to be the "Monster of the Day" that nobody else remembers, but I love it and that's what cosplay is supposed to be about. Crafting and wearing something for the joy of it all. When I went on my quest to cosplay at least one thing from every FF game from I to X (everything after that is dead to me, sorry not sorry), I really struggled to find a character that I wanted to actually Cosplay that wasn't a recurring monster that I'd already assigned to a different game; I knew I wanted to be a SeeD Cadet and I was fully prepared to be background NPC #75 in order to do it (and when I can't be bothered to wear a wig or take off my glasses, I will 100% do that), but then I remembered the Zell Romance Side Quest and I was sold!

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