NPC/Library Girl With Pigtail (SeeD Cadet Uniform) - Final Fantasy VIII


[Temporary Icon: https://www.deviantart.com/sandrafantasy/art/Library-Girl-with-a-pigtail-357063770 Bust view of Library Girl with Pigtail, looking to the side wearing navy SeeD Cadet jacket with silver shoulder detailling and yellow Balamb Gardens bow. Black pigtail and blue eyes anime girl.]

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4th October 2018


The SeeD Cadet Uniform has been on my Dream Cosplays list since before I knew what Cosplay even was. Sadly a full military style school uniform was beyond 10-year-old me's limited sewing skills for a Halloween costume, but 30-year-old me is fully planning on embracing that dream. I have this weird thing where my favourite character in a given media source or series always ends up being some sort of random NPC or a background character that's only in one scene of a film for 10 seconds. I don't do it on purpose, I just find the side quests and the easter eggs and the throwaway jokes far more hilarious and/or interesting than the main plotline most of the time. I'm joust going to own it - and at least for big groups I won't be fighting over who gets to be the main Player Characters because I will usually want to be the Monster of the Day that nobody remembers, but I love it and that's what cosplay is supposed to be about. Crafting and wearing something for the joy of it all. When I went on my quest to cosplay at least one thing from every FF game from I to X (everything after that is dead to me, sorry not sorry), I really struggled to find a character that I wanted to actually Cosplay that wasn't a recurring monster that I'd already assigned to a different game; I knew I wanted to be a SeeD Cadet and I was fully prepared to be background NPC #75 in order to do it (and when I can't be bothered to wear a wig or take off my glasses, I will 100% do that), but then I remembered the Zell Romance Side Quest and I was sold!

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