Tank Girl
2000AD: Tank Girl

Cosplayer: BillieBlouse

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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1st August 2018: Motivation I originally made my Tank Girl cosplay in 2014 and it was super comfortable. A few weeks before Nineworlds I looked at my Cosplay progress and just decided that I wasn't excited about anything I was working on. And when I lose the spark, that's when I know I need a break and to go and make something quick, easy and fun that involves cardboard, craft foam and/or glitter glue. So I dug through my old cosplays to see what I could rewear or repair and I found the hatbox that TG lived in on top of my wardrobe and I got really excited about wearing it again... but Nineworlds 2018 was a 3.5 day con, what was I going to wear for the other 2? I had another dig around and found a box with random vests and leggings in it marked "Tank Girl" and realised I'd at some point intended to make more versions... or at least some extra vests so I could wear TG for a whole con without getting stinky; I poked around in my Cosplay hardrive and found a bunch of references I'd already saved for inspiration. Turns out I got a bit overexcited because I love TG so much and I made most of 3 versions, having forgotten I already had the base layers from 2014... But that's OK, because I didn't have time to complete one version due to mishaps with dye so it all worked out and I ended up with 3 complete TG's, a spare vest and plenty of leftover enthusiasm to finish the 4th variant and small props as and when I have more time.

[Images: Billie leans over a metal security gate dressed as TG wearing black shorts and a vest with a black felt bowler hat covered in flowers, badges and belts with a towel loincloth. She has on odd striped purple/teal socks and brown gloves as well as micropore tape on her face and ripped grey tights with grey biker boots.]

AlexleStar avatar

AlexleStar - 23rd November 2019
You were great to watch during Hibanacon!

BillieBlouse avatar

BillieBlouse - 14th December 2019
Thank you AlexleHoshi, it was lots of fun to be TG again and just dance. :)