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Hibanacon 2018

Showcased 18th December 2018 What is this?


Nice project for the Hibanacon ball.
Lots of floral and embroidery detailing with a French, napoleonic twist to the design.
Main colour pallet are blues, silvers and whites.

Amy-Lou posted on 7 November, 2018 - 13:21
I love this costume! The whole thing fits together so well, even down to the makeup. It’s all so neatly fitted, you did a great job.

WingedWalrus posted on 7 November, 2018 - 17:45
Ooh this looked so *~FANCY~* :D

31st October 2018

Tassle time!

Bodged together some tassles to pop on the end of the sash I made.

30th October 2018

Hats off!

Little hat to supplement the wig work I've not managed to do

23rd October 2018

I don't be-sleeve it!

Sleeve time! Making a half bishop sleeve to go with the over all design. I'm taking the sleeve so it has a longer cuff Whig I'll pop more applique too.

21st October 2018

2 weeks and counting...

It's painfully clear that this cosplay is going to be cutting it very fine when it's done. That said, mega progress today with the doublets finished and the trousers just needing gathering at the leg and the white ankle/calf cuffs adding. Once that's done it's on the shirt!

16th October 2018

Prepare for trouble! Doublet trouble!

So I've been working pretty flat out to get the top section of my outfit done. Last few things like buttonholes need adding and the bottom seam hemming and done!

14th October 2018


Finished and in-progress pics of my shoulder cape with the applique added and braiding attached.

3rd October 2018

Cloak WIP pt2

More cloak work! While the main oak was used from a pattern I had and adapted, it didn't quite have everything I wanted. So I cobbled together a pattern of my own for a sort of epaulette to sit on top to cover the multitude of sins to follow from when it's sewn up finally. Main pattern I've been using is a Simplicity 1582. #costober

3rd October 2018

Applique positioning

While I wait for everything to arrive I thought it wise to plan where everything is going to get positioned and then look when it is all set if it needs reworking. #costober

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