Ann Takamaki - Persona 5: Dancing Star Night


As soon as pictures for the game came out I knew I HAD to make this version of Ann! Everything about the costume is my aesthetic!!

The top is from Cosplay Closet Apparel. Be warned though that it runs very small. I'm a UK10 with a chest size 35" (at the time) and I had to order a 2XL for a baggy fit! I took it in at the hem because it falls flat which makes me look bigger than I am.

The skirt I had printed from WovenMonkey as my usual Ann skirt falls from the waist. So I made a new skirt with custom printed fabric to make it fall from the hips.

The headphones were a lucky find on eBay (Thanks to Radiomorio for the tip!).

All the accessories I already had or were lucky finds on eBay. The coloured bracelets are just glow sticks because I really can't find bracelets the same! The gloves were two pairs of gloves sewn together, both bought from eBay. The hat is from eBay with scrap gold fabric glued on.

The shoes are from eBay with leather detailing from scrap fabrics.

The fishnet tights I already owned.

The wig is from Taobao with muted red wefts from Coscraft clipped in.

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3rd October 2018

Gloves 40%

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so I’ve only sewn like 40% of one glove (I need to cut out half of the red thumb to stitch it together, maybe part of the lower part of the red glove too so that it covers more of the top of my hand!) I bought two identical gloves in red and black so that the pattern would match up although after splitting them at the seams I realise it’s quite weirdly patterned so I might have to Frankenstein it together!

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