Tomoyo Daidouji (Gold Star Dress) - CardCaptor sakura


EGX 2018 MCM Comic Con London May 2018

European Cosplay Gathering Season 9 UK Group preliminaries


This was fun as the first big costume I've done in a very long time as I mostly make simple quick costumes these days as I'm very lazy with very little motivation. But I wanted to compete so I thought I'd place most of my focus onto this costume! I partnered up with TheStarlightFairy where she did the matching Sakura.

I started with making the white undershirt. It's made from duchess satin with cotton lining. For the top of the bodice and the sleeves I used the scallop setting on my machine to finish the edges with fray check.

Everything yellow is made from duchess satin lined with cotton. The yellow bodice was originally based off Simplicity 3629 with extra panels sewn in. The sleeves are puff sleeves with gathered tulle sewn inbetween the layers of satin and cotton. This ensures the sleeve keeps its shape no matter how battered it got, the costume was part of a dress change skit so I had to prepare for the entire costume to inevitably be flattened. The middle of the sleeves was just a tube. The end of the sleeves was a circle, originally I tried putting in thin horsehair braid however I didn't like how this looked so I took it out. I handmade the piping for the entire bodice. Both tops are fitted with hook and eye tape, I really dislike using zips!

The skirt is a simple circle skirt with a waistband. There's a white cotton layer sewn into the same waistband as well.

All the stars are made from pearly white worbla that was heat formed into silicon molds (there's three different sizes), modpodge to prime, primer, spray painted then spray varnished. I used a seam ripped to punch holes in all the stars. Between us we made 300 stars to use! In our feedback we were told to add even more so we bought two different sizes of hot fix stars and scattered them around the costume.

The shoes were from eBay and TheStarlightFairy sewed the stars on for me.

The choker was made from the fabric cut on the bias and a gold clasp at the back. I made molds out of fimo for the 8 pointed star and then mostly used modpodge as filler for the entire star before painting.

The wig is a natural black Jeri wig from Coscraft. With wefts in grey and silver sewn in and curled using straighteners and holding the curls in overnight using clips. I used a natural black ponytail clip with wefts glued in, plaited it, and wrapped around the clip to achieve her side bun!

The stars in the hair had gold hoops fed through and then black hair clips to attach into the wig. It takes very long to put on the costume because of this!

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