T-600 - T-600 Terminator salvation

In Progress


This was a year long build and still ongoing as im still new to cosplay and needed to build up skills to do this, main endo skeleton construction is EVA foam, clothing was bought and heavily weathered boots were based on insulation foam and boots fixed to the top of them the bottom part was covered in faux leather. the minigun ammo pack is EVA foam and i designed the bullet feed belt. mask was a toy mask with lights and sound i took all those out and gave it new eyes with LED'S and a tongue operated switch for on/off made new teeth and lowered the jaw and added new jaw pistons.
The latex mask was cut and weathered to allow the skull to be seen. the 40mm grenade launcher is made from plastic pipe and EVA foam the connecting hose is plastic conduit. the minigun is still under construction as it needs wiring to connect the joy stick to the motor. The idea is that only parts of the endo skeleton is seen through all the holes in the jacket and trousers.

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25th November 2018


Minigun has had a all the wiring done and the barrels now spin, just a cotton undersuit needed to add the armour pannels to

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