Jade - Mortal Kombat




• Jade from Mortal Kombat •
Photos by Fali Ruiz-Davila

My main character of Mortal Kombat ♥

I’m in love with this costume. I never thought I could make a character like Jade and… Now it’s real! Thanks https://www.geggoo.com/ for it!

The costume has 2 main parts and many accesories: The body and boots with gloves, bracelets, etc. Each part is made with very good quality and soft spandex and sewed with lot of care.
It’s very confortable and fits perfectly.

The colors are the same like the game and every part match nicely each other, from the boots until the gloves. It also have the hips chains!
The boots are VERY confortable and very easy to put on and pull off.

Hope you like how it looks and all the work o the photoshoot! It’s a dream come true! ♥

And visit: https://www.geggoo.com/

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