Syaoran Li
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

Cosplayer: Lady Bahamut

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

29th October 2019: Details: Part 2 I finished off the points by hand. My machine is just barely capable of statin stitching so it was the only way haha! I quite enjoyed doing it, although I believe I did re-do a couple of these after I took the pictures. I had to opt for a slightly different way of doing the stitching on the hat applique though because it's so small. Since I can't alter the width of the statin stitch on my machine, I realised I could use the buttonhole stitch instead... so that's what I did! XD It was difficult and really isn't as tidy as I would like, but I did my best to clean it up be hand :)

13th October 2019: Details: Part 1 I cut out and sewed all of the details at the same time to make life easier on myself. I made them from matte satin as I wanted them shiney, but not overly so. I used bondaweb to put them on to black kona cotton and then used an embroidery thread and satin stitched them onto the cotton. I think I did rather well! All I did then was fill in a few places where my machine had skipped a stitch or two by hand. I know people probably wouldn't have noticed, but I would notice therefore it needed doing haha!

12th October 2019: The trousers: Part 1 So I started out with a basic trouser pattern I have lying around and just made it big around the bottom of the legs because these have gotta be POOFY! I put an elastic waistband on them because they're easy and we ain't doing no maetial arts in trousers with a proper waistband XP

I struggled a little in how I should go about the bottom of the leg poofyness though. I didn't wanna put elastic down there because it creates alot of... how do I put it? Lines? Excess fabric? Look at the waist elastic to see what I mean! I didn't want that as it all looks very clean in the references. SO! What I did was put ALOT of darts down there to creat a circular effect. I should have done a cone shape really and sewn that one seprately, but I'd sewn it all and it was going to be covered by the black details anyway so I left it as it was :)

8th October 2019: The tunic: Part 1 I made the pattern for the tunic myself using calico fabric and guess work XD I had some help though in how to pattern out the er... "dangly bits" so that they flare out a bit rather than just hang down. Once I had the pattern down I cut out the proper fabric (Kona Cotton) and sewed it together. I've made it just big enough so that I can wiggle into it. I am lothe to add in openings (zips etc) where there aren't none XD I've also put iron-on interfacing on the whole thing too so it holds its shape better :)

6th October 2019: The sword: part 8 Okay so I'm skipping a few steps here because I fear I'm repeating myself XD I've made the middle set of details as well as the side "wings" (I dunno what to call them!!) and heat sealed them... and ruined it in the process because it shrunk the foam badly in places and I had to put on a load of foam clay to fill in all the holes. Oops! I'm really, really pleased with how it's looking though :3

5th October 2019: The sword: Part 7 Now that I had the base done, I moved onto the details! I made these from 3mm EVA foam and decided that they'd look best with a bevelled edge (it looked like it could be either that or just straight edges in the references), so back to sanding with the dremel I went! Since I was sanding tiny things, I ended up ruining 2 of them... XD When I put them how they would be on the sword though I didn't like the diagonal-then-straight edge it created. So I glued them on, then sanded them totally diagonal (you can see what I mean in the photo).

4th October 2019: The Sword: part 6 Once I'd sorted how I was doing the handle, I started carving the hilt! Halfway through sanding the blade I decided to make it solely from EVA foam rather than a foam board center, mostly because foam board doesn't take well to heat and I was worried I'd ruin it at some point XD

I speficially brought a dremel flex shaft for this (as well as some gloves because I fear for my fingers when using a dremel ahaha!) which made it soooooooo much easier!!! I carved the big sections off with my box knife and sanded it smooth with the dremel. I did this bit by bit, as it's really hard to tell what shape this silly hilt is even meant to be XD Part way through I added in another layer of foam on both sides as I felt it needed to be a tad thicker. In the end I got a shape I was happy with! :D

3rd October 2019: The sword: part 5 I'd umm'd and ahh'd for ages about how to go about the handle. I did orginally think that I'd score the lines into foam, but in the end didn't feel like that'd get the look I wanted (plus I had so much trouble glueing the foam in place...) So I looked up handle wrapping on google and had a look around. I quite liked the weave look I saw and it looked like Syaoran's sword was supposed to be like that. I tried out with some paper to test and I think it looks pretty good! :D

2nd October 2019: The sword: part 4 It's costober! So let's update this thing shall we? XD

I eventually finished sanding the sword, then deicded to add hard coat mod podge on the top because the blade was still very soft!! It said on the tub to give it 6 weeks (!!!) to cure fully, so I left the sword alone for about... 6 months XD I then gesso'd again and now it's all pretty!

I then went and put foam on the wooden dowel core, which was actually harder than I anticipated! I had alot of trouble getting the glue to stick properly and had to abandon my first attempt. I did get it to work though (by scellotaping the entire thing to hold the foam in place while the glue dried, oh my!) and then cut off the excess with a knife, then using my dremel to sand it smooth!

14th October 2018: The sword: part 3 So after having put together the base, I cut the foam board with a knife to make the sword the right shape! I then put on 2 layers of paper mache (I use kitchen roll, I find it to be stronger) and then fast mache. I sanded that down, then put some more on to cover any gaps/dents/holes. Sanded that down again and I've now started putting gesso on the thing! 2 layers, then sand. 2 layers, then sand and now I'm filling in gaps/dents/holes again before I finish. Phew!

13th October 2018: The sword: part 2 I printed my template out to the right size (smaller than my old sword, which was always far too big) and cut out 4 layers of foam board. I cut out the middle of 2 layers and stuck a wooden dowel down the middle with ALOT of hot glue XD I then stuck the last 2 layers on either side to get the base sword! :)

5th October 2018: The sword: part 1 So after 9 years of cosplaying Syaoran, I am FINALLY making my own sword. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to do so haha! So, like most of my cosplays, I copied a reference of it in Adobe Illustrator. It was technically a Tsubasa reference of it, but it looks exactly the same and it was the best front-on view so shhhhhhhh >___>;