Yojimbo - Final Fantasy XV


CosXPo 2019 Amecon 2018

The 'I didn't rage quit it' award.


Saw my friend playing Ffxv.
Saw Yojimbo.
'I wanna cosplay that'
A mostly completed cosplay!
Of which I have no pictures cause I wore it for just a couple of hours before I bailed out in order to not hit the deck due to full zentai suit heat.

Many many many hours were in this damned thing.
The kimono was hand dyed 3 times. Once because I had the wrong fabric and then twice on the correct fabric to get depth of colour (still want it darker).
All the designs were free handed and then hand painted.
The body suit was done by Jenivix using liquid latex, toilet paper and acrylic paint.

Wore again at CosXpo 2019. Opted to go for face paints and boy did it make a difference. The body suit alas is reaching the end of its shelf life but me and Jenivix have plans to remake anyway.

Was pretty comfy to wear so will defiantly wear it again at some point.

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