Varian - Tangled: The Series


I'm totally rooting for this little alchemist kid who wants to be able to make his father proud of him. I thought he was great as a supporting cast character, but then he suddenly got a big story arc of his own and it really draws you into the storyline so much! Am waiting for him to pop up again in season 2, but I expect it to be a few weeks yet at the time of writing this.

This was my first time sewing some weft into a wig, as I had to add his hair stripe. After cosplaying him for the first time I think it will be worth adding even more weft to add extra width to it, since it got narrowed down a fair bit when styling gel was applied. I also did attempt to dye the apron a darker colour, but found that it didn't take ( I expect due to an incompatible material ). So that is the other thing that I would like to improve in the future.

The shirt needed a fair bit of hand-sewing, which thankfully I had the peace and quiet to be able to do in my hotel room during AmeCon before going to sleep ( I can't concentrate enough to be able to do it at the same time as socializing ). I had to sew up the neck a bit, sew on the arm patch and then add the cartoony black stitch details.

I used different coloured liquid soaps for his alchemy potions, and purple food dye to colour some purple cookies. Extra left over cookies meant I got to gift them out to friends.


I was able to make the improvements that I identified above before cosplaying him for the second time at Hibanacon 2018. I'm a lot happier with the width of the hair stripe after having sewn in some additional weft, and it generally tends to stay sitting in place better as well now. The apron got an upgrade as I was this time able to locate a base apron that was the darker colour that I had originally wanted to be able to find the first time. I removed the new apron's existing, inaccurate pockets with a seam ripper, and added spare material from the old one to create the more accurate pocket. I hand-stitched one of the old apron ties across the middle of the torso area which luckily happened to have the perfect measurements to serve as being that detail of his design. So I'm definitely a lot happier with both the hair stripe and the apron now that I've made those adjustments.

I sorted out some new props for him as well, locating a yellow fabric flower and also adjusting a blue rosette to look like his Expo rosette.

Also hooray for him finally having turned up again in season 2 ( kind of ), but boo for it only being for a brief couple of seconds and then the show stopping for a break right afterwards - they know how to tease the audience =P

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