Julia Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII


Final Fantasy VIII is my joint favourite Final Fantasy game, along with FFX. It's special to me because it was the first one I had the opportunity to play fully. A friend had lent FFVII to me for a few days and I had watched them play the final boss fight, but at the time I was put off by not being familiar with all the statistics and terminology. So when the FFVIII demo came out with a Playstation magazine I was able to become introduced to Final Fantasy in my own time and with it being just a section of the game it felt less overwhelming to familiarize myself with. And of course that lead me to really wanting to continue with it and find out what happened next in the story, so I then bought and played the full game. After playing others it still remains one of my favourites since it had just the right balance bewteen modern and fantasy for me, I loved the characters and Nomura's art style, it has beautiful music, and the ending where we last get to see all of the main characters always felt very emotional to me.

I chose to cosplay as Julia since I found myself the most invested in the relationships between Julia and Laguna, and Laguna and his little family of Raine and Ellone. I also really love the design of her dress and she is also so rarely cosplayed, so it felt like a good idea to represent her.

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