Akko Kagari - Little Witch Academia


Hibanacon 2017


I really love this character, she's so energetic and enthusiastic even when things get tough.

Since I cheated... quite a lot.. the busiest part I had was actually trying to cut down the wig and style it into a half updo, whilst still hiding the webbing underneath. Coscraft's Alex wig is so lovely and thick, and it seemed such a shame to cut it half off, but it worked perfectly. Transporting the wig without having to redo the ponytail still gives me anxiety though.

It also turns out that the hat doesn't really like the extra bulk of the ponytail, so often it kind of falls off...

I loved being Akko, and seeing one of my friends reactions when she saw it really made it worth wearing ❤️ I'd love to get some more photos with a Sucy and Lotte!

Amy-Lou posted on 31 July, 2018 - 12:55
Such an adorable Akko!

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