Farys Blackport (Auroral Tabard) - Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn



My beloved FFXIV character!

I've always wanted to cosplay her, she's very close to my heart, and with plans to go to the FFXIV Fanfest in Paris with some free company buddies, I figured it was now or never!

She mains as a Dragoon, but her secondary is Bard and I've always preferred the Bard gearsets. The Auroral Tabard in particular is one of my favourite pieces, so that's what I'll be attempting to make! Not the full Auroral set, I'll be customising the boots and gloves, since I've never been one for full sets anyway. Gotta customise! OH, and the tabard is the dyed-red version... because aesthetics~

Wish me luck..?

Amy-Lou posted on 6 August, 2018 - 13:23
Bards have such good designs, good choice. I’m going to Fanfest too, so excited to see this!

19th October 2018

On Hold

SO I can no longer go to FanFest, and this was going to be a heck of a task anyway, so I've shelved this for now. I still want to complete it, its a dream cosplay for me, but it's not a high-priority costume at the moment. BUT ONE DAY~

3rd August 2018

Adventures in Worbla

I've ordered some imitation-leather fabric for the bodice and side... flaps? Never worked with fake leather before so I'm sure that won't be a pain in the ass... Got some worbla and have started making the little adornment pieces. Never used worbla before! I think I burned my thumb but otherwise it's going okay. Got three pieces done out of... I think about eight? Its easier to use than I thought. Woo for worbla!

27th July 2018


Gosh I'm so excited. We've just got tickets to the FFXIV Fanfest in Paris next year and I'm super psyched for cosplaying my character. No idea how! Gonna attempt to use worbla for the first time, for the accessories, and will be guessing at how to make the tabard itself... No idea!! BUT I'LL GIVE IT A SHOT!! FOR EORZEA!!

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