Yosano Akiko - Bungou Stray Dogs


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1st October 2018

Progress so far

MCM's coming up quick, so I'm trying to power through Yosano as fast as I can. The progress so far: Wig - 95% done - it's mostly cut, just needs a little bit of trimming/evening out in some places. Butterfly hair clip - 45% - Butterfly cut out from foam, needs priming, painting, and to be glued to the clip. Shirt - 70% - The front ruffles have been added to the shirt. I've started tailoring it to fit me better. The sleeves still need shortening. Skirt - 5?% - I had ordered fabric but the wrong material has arrived, so let's hope the seller will swap it without problem. Shoes - 50% Tie - 90% - Friend gave me his that he's never used. It's too long atm so it needs shortening. Gloves - 100% Tights - 100%

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Online - 19th June

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