Tiffany Valentine-Ray (Doll) - Bride of Chucky


Amecon 2018


"Barbie, eat your heart out"

I'm a big horror fan and Tiffany is one of my favourite female villians. I wasn't sure if I could pull off her extreme make up but I decided to go for it as think it'll be a lot of fun.
The look was referenced purely from the Bride of Chucky film as they changed her appearance slightly in Seed of Chucky and I'm not as keen on it.

"Tiffany Valentine was once the girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer known as the Lakeshore Strangler. She, like so many others, referred to him solely by his nickname, Chucky. Tiffany was drawn to Ray because of her fetish for murderers and psychopaths. After the news spread of Chucky’s first killing spree as a doll, Tiffany spent the next ten years searching for the remains of Chucky, to bring him back to life.
Unlike Chucky, she possesses a genuinely kind and compassionate side, although she can be quite short-tempered, and is struck sometimes by remorse which is out-of-sync with her love of killing. She is easily disappointed, terribly violent, and unforgiving when angered."


~Please see my journals for more details on the construction of this costume as well as progress photos~

I found the wedding dress in a charity shop and modified it by adding the off-shoulder detail and lace.

The wig was bought on ebay and I added the dark roots and straightened out the excess curls.

I cut up a lace bodysuit to use for the sleeves/fingerless gloves as well as the lace detailing on the dress.

The jacket, boots, tights, necklace and temporary tattoo were all bought from ebay.


I first wore this costume to AmeCon 2018 and was recognised by a few horror fans which was nice.
The makeup was very heavy and Frederica la Noir helped me to get the eyebrow shape right as I found that difficult (especially as it involved covering up my natural brows). Overal the finished makeup was very striking and different to my usual looks which made a change.
Most of the characters I cosplay are "good" guys so it's fun to play a darker character occasionally.

Currently planning a private shoot.

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Base wedding dress
Lace bodysuit
Necklace (to use the chain)
Temporary tattoo
Style wig
Blonde, wavy shoulder length wig
False nails & varnish
False eyelashes
Green contacts

Total cost: £139.68

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