Yennefer (Alternate Outfit) - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


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Gaming Honors Award - Insomnia 64 - Best In Show - Thought Bubble 2018, Second Place - Showmasters


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1st July 2018

Arm Rune Ribbons

I spent the days previously drawing out the designs of the runes I could make out in my reference images, then I had to digitize them, using my cutter again I cut them out on a heat transfer metallic aqua vinyl. Then after topstitching some black leather ribbon with white details, I ironed on each line of runes. Then I created a band to go around my lower arm to help wear the ribbons

17th June 2018

Began work on Knee armour.

Using my Silhouette Cutter I cut the design into 2mm foam, then used a heat gun to reveal the details. This will later be added to 5mm dense foam and shaped.

16th June 2018


Using an embossed scuba black fabric I previously owned and found perfect for this cause.

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