Lulu - Final Fantasy 10

In Progress

CosXPo 2019


Just realsed It’s been 3 years since I have made a costume. I don’t really count the ones I throw together last minute. Anyway, I have been replaying FFX and forgot how much I loved Lulu as a character. Decided I must cosplay her <3

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23rd September 2018

More trim

All nearly done now. Just finishing the bottom edges.

2nd September 2018


I think I have given myself a lot of work to do with these, oh well! Combination of paint and Embroidery.

22nd August 2018


Just the back of the corset I made.

14th July 2018


Chopsticks. Will probably have to attach these to the wig permanently due to the weight of them. Made using knitting needles, Fimo clay and wire. I am trying to make this costume as cheap as possible without it looking too cheap.

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Milton Keynes - 2nd Nov 2018

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