Final Fantasy 10

Cosplayer: JustJerry

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

CosXPo 2019

30th October 2018: Making the Pattern for Onion Knight Ok, so I have finally got the shape I want. Today’s task was to cover the shape in cling film and create a pattern by cutting the cling film into segments. Maybe this way is very long winded. But it ensures I get the exact shape and size I want.
Tomorrow, I am going to start cutting the fabric and finally getting some skin for the little onion man ;)

28th October 2018: Painting Faux Leather (for Onion Knight) Recently I have been doing this thing where I am recycling as many fabrics as possible for making future cosplays. Having been at it for over 10 years you can imagine how many boxes of fabric I have in storage. Rather than buying some orange faux leather I have chosen to paint some old black faux leather. The process was done by using primer for the base, followed by 3 coats of orange acrylic paint.

27th October 2018: Onion Knight Shaping More progress. Unfortunately there aren’t any good quality photos of the Onion Knight. Because of this I am having to guess how the hands look. I am pretty sure they are Lego man hands lol.
I have opted to use wire for the arms as they are too thin to just use polyester filling. They need to be able to support a small sword. It probably only needs a bit more plumping out, then I can move on to the pattern.

27th October 2018: Onion Knight Plushie I have taken a break from the other Lulu bits to get started on Lulu’s Ultimate weapon, the Onion Knight. I have only made one plushie before, but I feel more comfortable by getting the shape and proportions first by sewing together Polyester stuffing. I will then create a pattern from this shape.

25th October 2018: Earrings I remade these. Wasn’t really happy with my first attempt. I am such a fimo clutz.

20th October 2018: Many belts later... Keep thinking I have made enough belts but it’s never aim was to get this costume finished by the end of October. There is still time...

18th October 2018: Attached fur trim to corset and sleeves All I have left to do with this is figure out a way to hold it up better and trim the excess thread from the embroidered sleeves. I had to hand sew most of the fur to attach it.

17th October 2018: Necklaces Made using Fimo clay and beads. Actually got a cookie cutter to shape the purple beads. I couldn’t help but choose the glitter option of clay. Probably not appropriate, but I am such a hidden glitter queen.

14th October 2018: Making and attaching belts I am planning to make a crinoline to give the belts some much needed support. Currently attaching each belt to fabric.

23rd September 2018: More trim All nearly done now. Just finishing the bottom edges.

3rd September 2018: Trim I think I have given myself a lot of work to do with these, oh well! Combination of paint and Embroidery.

22nd August 2018: Corset Just the back of the corset I made.

14th July 2018: Chopsticks Chopsticks. Will probably have to attach these to the wig permanently due to the weight of them. Made using knitting needles, Fimo clay and wire. I am trying to make this costume as cheap as possible without it looking too cheap.