Michael Myers (kills Joe grizzly ) - Halloween (2007)



This look of Michael Myers is brief when he has escaped, and kills big Joe when he was on the toilet at the truck stop, and takes his coveralls and boots, while wearing his escape asylum Jack o lantern mask, making his way back to haddenfield to require his buried mask

Costume info
Escape asylum mask - Alex Miller of facebook
Remake coveralls - Steven Friswold of Facebook
White T-shirt, Remake Kitchen Knife and Boots - Ebay

Pieces missing?
The costume is complete

No comments received.

Escape aslyum mask
paid for
Remake coveralls
paid for
paid for
Remake knife
paid for
white Tshirt
paid for

Total cost: £279.00

3rd April 2018

Costume complete

And that is the first stage of my RZ Halloween costume stages, since I will never use the escape asylum look

3rd April 2018

Escape aslyum mask arrived

Mask arrived very excited for this update

4th March 2018

Asylum escape mask going out this week

Asylum mask going out this week, very excited for this one

28th September 2017

Boots arrived

My boots arrived, they turned out pretty damn good, same brand used in the movie

27th September 2017

Boots sent out

My boots were sent out, which is the final piece in completing my H9 costume

26th September 2017

Coveralls arrived

Very delighted with this pair, they fit me perfect, just missing the new boots and wig and this costume is complete

7th September 2017

Coveralls sent out

My coveralls were sent out, hopefully I have them in less than 2 weeks

6th September 2017

Coveralls shipping payed for

I payed for the shipping costs, hopefully it should be with me in a week or 2

29th August 2017

Remake coveralls paid for

Very excited, got a new pair of H9 coveralls, the ultimate pair I have been looking for.Just missing the boots and the H9 look is complete

27th August 2017

Boots won

Won the boots, they will be forwarded to get the lifts added

22nd August 2017

Asylum mask paid for

looking forward to adding this look to my Michael Myers swap out of looks, so many options to the RZ Michael Myers, and their very unique looks.

23rd June 2017

Escape aslyum mask plans

Plans on my escape asylum mask take shape, has will use this mask when he escapes the asylum and kills big joe

21st October 2015

Halloween (2007) Remake Kitchen Knife arrived

My remake kitchen knife arrived, fantastic piece especially for a retail knife, and cheap is well

19th October 2015

Halloween kitchen knife bought

I Bought the kitchen knife, much cheaper which solves my problem for my remake costume

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