Tifa Lockhart (WallMarket) - final fantasy 7

In Progress


I dont have the time/funds to cosplay Blanc this year and want something that I can snap up in a day or 2. I love Tifa but I dont have the confidence to rock a tiny tank top like her. On my way home from work one night I thought about that hilarious moment and decided this would be very easy to put together.

I am currently looking around charity shops and ebay for the shoes and keeping an eye out for fabric stores and comparing fabric prices. Thinking of recycling the chain belt from my old Ladybug costume. Ill be using the same wig from FF9 Dagger.

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Using FF9 Dagger wig
Royal Blue Spandex
Recycled from PV Ladybug

Total cost: £0.00

12th November 2018


So yeah...was almost done for Ame but the shoes left me with a toe injury a few days before the con and will need a new pair :(

17th July 2018


Used my old Ladybug belt and took all the pearls off and replaced them with Pearly Worbla coins. Earring is also made in the process but will need some gold spraypaint for the finish :)

9th July 2018


Just need to resew the neck piece and add eyes and hooks and then its onto the accessories :D

20th June 2018


Shoes get!

15th June 2018


Won a pair of blue strappy pointy toe high heels on ebay for a fiver. Just gotta pray they fit well and feel fine on my feet XD

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