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EGX 2018 MCM Comic Con London May 2018

ECG UK qualifiers - group representative

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A dream costume come to life! This was a secret cosplay for MCM London, as Crystalneko and I decided to have a go at WCS! I'm so happy with what I've done so far, but with a few tweaks I think this might end up being the best costume I've ever done.

After updating this cosplay for the ECG qualifiers, I'm even more happy with this cosplay, even if I never want to see stars or yellow for a loooooong time haha! Since MCM I've altered the fit of the skirt and put in a concealed zip, and added lots more detail to the whole dress! I repainted the spare stars with the original colour and a darker gold and put them all onto the skirt, and then added Hot Fix stars in two sizes/colours for extra sparkle! The white undershirt was completely remade with new fabric and I'm much happier.

Big thank you to Crystalneko for being my beautiful Tomoyo <3 <3

So many stars I just CAN'T

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7th October 2018


I cut up my old Sakura wig (prince in Toffee) for this, and sewed half the wefts into a Coscraft Prince in Caramel, and used the other half and some caramel wefts to make the clip-ons. It was tedious as heck but I love the result so much <3 I finally feel like I suit Sakura? I want to neaten up the clips in the future when I'm a little better with wig styling but I'm really happy with them at the moment!

5th October 2018

Dress 2 - skirt and undershirt

The skirt is a normal circle skirt in duchess satin, and lined with matching polycotton. The underskirt is white duchess satin, with more scalloped trim that Crystalneko kindly prepared for me! NGL fray-checking and cutting out all those scallops was a killer... The trim was gathered on a machine (look at me using a machine for once!) and then sewn to the satin underskirt. Both skirts are attached to the same waistband and fastens with a concealed zip. Once I was happy with the skirt, I had at it with ALL THE STARS The undershirt is the same white duchess satin. I cut a commercial pattern out much bigger, and elasticated the edges to fit me. Originally the shirt was plain satin but it was horrifically rushed, so I remade the whole thing, and put a layer of explosion organza for extra sparkle. The shirt goes on under the bodice, with the front pulled down and pinned to my bra to stop it riding up. I let it peek out at the back because I like the effect! Like the bodice and skirt, I put worbla and hotfix stars onto the sleeves. I kept them off the back of the shirt as I wasn't sure if I would have it peeking out and didn't want them to scratch me if I tucked it in.

4th October 2018

Dress 1 - bodice

Like most of my 'dress' costumes, the skirt and bodice are actually separate for general convenience. The bodice was made using an altered version of my favourite dress pattern (I messed about with the seam placement and the shape of the bottom edge to match the reference). It's made from duchess satin, coutil and yellow polycotton. The piping and bias binding were made from the same satin. Making my own piping was much easier and more fun than I expected! I also made the loops for the back of the bodice, and chose to lace it with a gold ribbon to match the stars. It fastens on one side with a zipper (I may change it out for hook/loop tape in the future but I much prefer sewing zips haha). I put boning channels into the seam allowances in the satin/coutil layer for extra support and cinch-power! This way I still get a nice silhouette over the petticoat and skirt bulk at my waist. Crystalneko used her machine to create the scallop edge detail on white duchess satin, which I then fray-checked and cut out carefully before attaching to the bodice. She also helped me pattern out the ruffle down the front <3

2nd October 2018

Star Hell

I figure I should probably put in some stuff about how I made this costume? So we'll start with the hell that was ALL THE STARS Crystalneko and I split this job between us. We used 3 different sized silicone star-shape molds to shape Pearly Worbla. Once the stars were formed they were cut out (RIP the nerves in my right thumb. It's still a bit tingly now!), and the edges were sanded with a dremel so they wouldn't snag the satin on the dresses. The surfaces were sanded by hand with multiple grades of sandpaper to get them as smooth as possible. After this we added layers of woodglue and paint primer to improve the smoothness. For the paint, we used a combination of spray paint and gilding gold paint to give the stars a range of colour, and then varnished them with Montana glossy spray varnish. Hole were pierced into the stars with seam rippers. Most of the stars were sewn onto the dresses (to match the randomness in the art we scattered them across the dresses and stitched them in place), and some were used for the shoes and accessories. On my hairclips, the stars are linked with jump rings, and some were attached to bobby pins with jump rings so I could have random single stars in my wig.

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