Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy



First I made a duct tape mannequin, then dressed it with a tight fitting zip up jacket and a pair of leggings.

I added a zip to the leggings, and decided to make the outfit in multiple pieces to make it easier to transport in a suitcase.

The head and main chest and back pieces are made of tile floor mats, cut, carved with a dremel to give it the wood texture, and moulded with a heat gun. The vines are made of pipe insulation foam, cut into different sizes and hot glued to the mannequin.

I ran out of time and money to build stilts, so as a quick and cheap alternative I drilled a pair of boots to some empty paint cans. To make sure I wouldn't slip and break my neck at comic con, I then glued some thick rubber to the bottom of the cans.

I used four different spray paints, first white, then dark brown, light brown, then a tan colour.

Finally I added some moss, and put some brown sunglasses lenses and glued them to the eye holes.

This costume took two months to complete and I worked on it for about an hour every day.

I am very pleased with how it turned out!

I look forward to wearing it again when I have made some proper stilts.

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Mask, chest and back pieces
Need foam
Carve wood pattern
Need dremmel
Glue vines
Need pipe insulation
Duct tape mannequin
Need duct tape and stuffing
Hot glue pieces to undersuit
Need more glue
Build stilts
Need wood and shoes
Glue vines to stilts
Paint entire costume
Need plastikote paint

Total cost: £55.00

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