The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Cosplayer: FlyingMammal

Variant: 'Wizardess'


This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

18th May 2018: a miracle, staff and almost finished ok, I'm been working off
: screenshots (watching the movie a few times more, which aren't the clearest)
: some out of focus photos of costume on display (appeared on google) [welly-moot.com]
: whole ton of imagination.
: and by complete chance because while in a fabric shop my elderly father said "this fabric reminds me of radagast" and I should buy it even if I use it for something else. It was also cheap.

I have some how managed to do things more accurate than I thought. I really had no idea what I was doing (except the boots) and was really in Goblin Town over colours and definately thought I was doing my own thing with the fabric types.

With only a couple of bits to do now just my luck, right at the end:

I come across this lovely person who has scanned in pages from what seems to be a book on all the costumes and props in the Hobbit films and put them on dropbox.
**** http://www.dropbox.com/sh/2y7gw0lbm9wr13l/AAB4wk9x_oreq6cLN9gNUUJha *** - for all your Hobbit reference

Oh my TreeBeard.
Reading and looking at the scans, I'm actually not far off the embroidery and the types of fabrics. Not all the colours but pretty much.

I'm pretty shocked, as this really has been a journey. To the point where yesterday I was ready to throw it all in mount doom!

If this wasn't enough Gandalf light for you:

This morning I had a sign:
A branch had fallen off a tree in the garden and ....
It reminded me of Rad's staff... (I had started one from broom handles) Found some other bits of branches. I just need to fix them together tomorrow.

This the 'gem' (which I have made four times now), Sebastian, and wig to sort out, then make everything old and I'm done!

P.S CI not liking paragraphs?

10th May 2018: hat Hat made from Felt, was the best colour I could find anywhere. Good old Masons in Abingdon. Needs making old looking but I'm happy. Pipe cleaners help the shape of the 'ears' but because I had to scrap withe the felt, The way I sewed means it pulls a bit, I tacked but maybe it needs poppers. Though won't be able to shape them as freely.

10th May 2018: boots Left boot - a sibling gave me some shoes to cover for Cuddles so I used one of them as a base, shaped some foam and some left over faux leather bits, some staples and hot glue and it was done.

Right shoe - well. I went through three covers for this shoe. At first I couldn't find a reference image of any good quality so I hand stitched my own design.. Was happy until... Found a very close image of the shoes someone took of a display and so, I started over. I can't explain now hard it was to do this in metallic threads with my hands playing up. Too many hours and tangles. The faux fur was some very long left from some hats I made few years ago, cut a lot shorter and painted to look worn. Oh and the base shoe a sibling had some they bought as a £2 bargain and didn't fit. The fabric was also left over from another siblings Legolas costume ten years ago. I love that a few bits are being used from the same franchise.